torsdag, mars 26, 2009

New children's book: Fun with Particle Physics

A few days ago my 18 month son got a delightful children's picture book version of the Bible. One page with a picture of a snake, next page an apple. You get the idea. (No flaming swords, though.)

It made me start thinking. Why are there so few picture books about natural science? So I decided to make one.

The book is freely available in PDF format.

I have also made a version of the file with the pages suitably arranged for printing as a booklet - print the file double-sided on heavy stock paper, bunch the pages together and fold them in the middle.

I hope you and your child enjoy it.

5 kommentarer:

Mialiten sa...

Hours and hours of joy.

Moxie sa...

Du ä sjuk i huvet :-)

Jag har sett den där pekbibeln någonstans också. Den förvirrade mig, samt gjorde mig lite ledsen.

Leif Nixon sa...

Det var ju synd, såklart. Jag tror att man kanske inte ska fundera alltför mycket på pekbibeln, utan bara acceptera den som en gimmick.

tord sa...

Klockrent! Få den tryckt i A3-format, så köper jag en!

Leif Nixon sa...

A3? Blir inte partiklarna orealistiskt stora då?

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